Get to grips with freestyle

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Freestyle – or ‘front crawl’ as we’ve affectionately termed it in the UK – is the stroke to master if you want to get fast. And also the swim style people seem to struggle with most. Whether you can’t get the knack of bilateral breathing, feel your legs sink in the kick or want to nail the perfect pull, tweaking your technique will make you more efficient and up your pace across the pool. Luckily, help is at hand from Speedo, who have created four videos to help you perfect the art of freestyle once and for all.

The stroke

The catch and pull are the two concepts you need to crack when it comes to your stroke. Watch this video to see how to position your shoulders, elbows, wrists, palms and fingers for the most efficient stroke and discover how power paddles can help your positioning in the water.

The kick

The freestyle kick should come from your hips, giving you immense power in the pool. Here’s how to perform the upkick and downkick and some advice on why a kickboard can boost your strength and power.

The breathing

The more efficient your breathing technique, the less impact it has on your stroke. Beginners often have the most trouble with their breathing in freestyle but, as grandma says, practice makes perfect. This video shows you how to position your body to breathe and how fins can help hone your technique.

The body positioning

Correct positioning in freestyle is all about becoming more streamlined in the water to maximise efficiency. Want to see how you should look underwater? Take a gander.

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