Makeup: a swimmer’s guide

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Smudges and streaks bedamned. There’s more to improving the relationship between your makeup and the pool than just opting for anything labeled ‘water-resistant’. With the right preemptive measures, you can turn the minimal look to your advantage. Follow these expert tips to ensure you’re always turning heads for the right reasons this summer


1) The prep

For the natural look, your ‘no-makeup makeup’ mission starts the night before you swim.  Start by treating your skin to a deep cleansing facial, or exfoliating treatment. This will help remove dead skin cells, allowing your face mask, moisturiser or serum to penetrate deeper and more efficiently. You’ll wake up requiring less foundation the next day.
2) The foundations

To cover up blemishes and imperfections, opt for a tinted moisturiser, first thing in the morning; most are more waterproof than foundation. Look for SPF protection and an oil-free formula. You can’t forget to protect your skin whenever you’re outdoors or exposed to sunshine.

3) The ‘look’

If you still want a showstopping eye look, an aqua-blue or sea-green eyeliner will make your eye colour pop (opt for a classic brown/black for a more conservative look). To avoid panda eyes, finish with a sweep of waterproof mascara. Lest you appear like the swimming pool makes you emotional.

4) The sun kiss

Finish the look with a small swipe of SPF lipbalm and a light lip tint that’s close to your natural colour. The former will be waterproof and help the latter stay on during your swim. In case of emergencies, take a big, floppy hat to the pool with you and ensure some large sunglasses are close to hand. But with these tips, that fallout is unlikely. Happy swimming.