4 ways swimming improves muscle and mind

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Our survey says…

The stats show just how good swimming is for your overworked grey matter. In a Speedo survey over two thirds of people felt that swimming had a positive mental impact, with 70% agreeing that it helped them to feel mentally refreshed, while 74% agreed that swimming helped them to release stress and tension.

Posture perfect

When we feel depressed and down we often subconsciously huddle into a defensive body position to shield us from the world. Your shoulders start to round and your head falls forward. As one of the best all-round body workouts out there, swimming will help to develop and maintain good posture, keeping your chest up, shoulders back and head high, and beating the slouch that comes from sitting at a desk all day or feeling blue.

Move for your mood

Moving more is proven to boost your brain’s levels of serotonin – the neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood, sexual function, appetite, social behaviour and sleep. And the beauty of swimming above other workouts is that it’s non-weight bearing exercise. Which means it will give muscles and joints a good workout without the strain that comes from pounding pavements.

The power of water

Immersing yourself in water makes your body feel lighter than it really is and that amazing sense of weightlessness you get from swimming does wonders for your mental wellbeing as well as your muscles. At the end of a swim session, take the time to adopt an otter pose: lie on your back, close your eyes and unwind.