Stay motivated with the Speedo Fit app

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Building a swimmer’s body requires motivation. The kind of dogged determination that gets you up and doing drills in the pool at the crack of dawn, or beating the urge to slump on the sofa with a glass of vino. And with the nights closing in, staying motivated is about to get even tougher. What you need is a coach. If you haven’t got Get Speedo Fit swim coaches Karen Pickering and Dan Bullock, we’ve got the next best thing.

The all-new Speedo Fit app is designed to help you get swim fit. Use the app to log and track your swims, set and hit goals, connect with friends, find pools and more. Here’s a quick guide to the app, which you can download from the Apple store.

See your swim stats

The dashboard is the place to see a quick summary of your essential stats to date. Keep track of your total distance, see the swim sessions you’ve been up to and give yourself a pat on the back when you see your progress week after week.

Log your laps

From tracking your distance, swim time and sets, to your mood and what you ate for breakfast, the beauty of the app is that you can log as little or as much information about your swim sessions as you want.

Go for big goals

Goals in the app come in the form of ‘Distance Goals’ and ‘Map Goals’. Structured training plans with weekly milestones will help you work towards that distance goal you’ve got your sights set on, while Map Goals throw a bit of adventure into the mix, giving you chance to visualise the distance you’ve been swimming in the pool with an altogether more exotic swim destination. Forget the pool you swim in in Canterbury for a moment while you imagine the Caribbean.

Share your swimming

A challenge shared is a challenged halved – or something. The app also lets you rally the troops and invite friends to take on challenges. Comment and like each other’s swims, compare (and get competitive) over swim stats and see who’s top dog on the leaderboard.

See local swim spots

There are hidden swimming gems in every town and the app lets you find pools in your area and see where others are swimming. You can also save your favourite pools so you’re never far from a swim spot, wherever you go.

Tackle your technique

At the swipe of a screen, Ryan Lochte, Jessica Hardy and other famous faces are on hand to offer tips and help you tackle your technique. You can also watch training videos to help you unlock the secrets of the four strokes.

The Speedo Fit app is available now from the Apple store and available on Android devices