Speedo’s favourite kit

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With access to all the latest gear, what do the Speedo team take to the pool? Speedo staff tell us the equipment they swear by.


James, Global Sports Marketing Manager

“My favourite Speedo product is the Fastskin Elite goggles. Being an ex-international athlete but now swimming for fitness I really value a good pair of goggles and prefer something that’s a bit more low profile than the average swimmer. The elite goggles are as extremely comfortable and also have that performance edge – just in case I fancy a quick sprint to remember the good old days!”

cut out - Speedo Fit Body Positioning Pinnacle Kickback

Stephanie, Digital & Social Media Executive

“I love my pinnacle swimsuit because it makes me stand out, and I feel like I belong in the pool when I wear it.”

Speedo bag

Jack, Key Account Manager 

“My favourite Speedo product is the Rucksack III, it’s good quality, durable, 100% waterproof and very convenient for packing lots of equipment in. It has a few pockets for keeping items safe, and a water bottle holder is useful for when I’m cycling to the gym.”


Holly, PR Manager 

“My favourite Speedo product is the Aquacoach. It helps me keep a track of the laps I do in each session and I can then see how I’m improving along the way.”


Steph, Product Designer

“I like to use a Pull Buoy because it means I can isolate my legs, and concentrate my arm technique and on my breathing.”