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Speedo Fit app

Our four Get Speedo Fit challengers will be tracking their progress using the Speedo Fit app. Helping you to stay motivated for our 6-week Get Speedo Fit challenge and beyond, the app allows you to track your swim sessions and set virtual challenges (anyone up for swimming a section of the Thames?) to help you hit your goals. You can also search for local pools and see their facilities, set personal goals, log your lengths in the pool and track and share your progress with friends, family, Twitter followers and anyone else who’ll listen.



Fit is everything when it comes to choosing goggles – the last thing you want is leaky eyewear or red panda eyes from too much suction after you emerge from a session. Look for a pair where the seal sits snugly against your skin and, if possible, try before you buy.

Speedo has a range of goggles – from Biofuse technology with supersoft cushioned comfort, to IQFit, which was developed using 3D head scans to mould snugly to the contours of your face.



A pullbuoy is the go-to bit of kit to build swimmers’ shoulders or focus on your arm pull. To use correctly, place the pullbuoy between the tops of your inner thighs and hold your legs together gently to hold it in position so you can focus on what you’re doing with your upper body.

The Speedo Elite Pullbuoy is designed to isolate the upper body so that all your effort goes into strengthening your arms and shoulders.



As well as being useful for developing shoulder strength, tech paddles can be used with a freestyle stroke to help improve the positioning of your hands as they enter the water. The perfect paddle size is just slightly larger than your hand.

Speedo Biofuse Finger Paddles are designed to encourage correct hand positioning in the water and improve your stroke technique.

Speedo Biofuse Power Paddles will help you increase your upper body strength.

Speedo Biofuse Training Fins will help you develop your speed and leg strength.



A kickboard allows you to target your legs so you can power up your kick, improve your balance and work on your leg strength.

Speedo’s Elite Pullkick and Elite Kickboard give buoyancy in the water so you can focus on what your legs are doing in the water.


Centre Snorkel

If you struggle with having your face in the water, a centre snorkel will help you get used to the neutral, face-down head positioning that’s needed for butterfly and freestyle swimming strokes.


Training Fins

As well as improving your form in the water, fins are used to optimise leg kick in backstroke, freestyle and butterfly strokes. They can also be used to help build core and leg strength.


Swim Watch

A swim watch will help you track your swims and keep you motivated.

Speedo’s Aquacoach watch will help you swim smarter, as it tracks your distance (in lengths), your speed, time and calories to help you hit your goals.

cut out - Men's Speedo Fit Pinnacle Jammer

The Pinnacle V Jammer

The Pinnacle V Jammer, featuring leg compression and core muscle support help you achieve the correct body positioning and improve your swimming technique. Visible seams on the jammer highlight the key muscles required to maintain a horizontal body position, prompting you to engage them during training for a more efficient swim. Ideal for regular fitness training, the jammer features our long-lasting Endurance®+ fabric. 100% chlorine resistant, quick-drying and 20 times more fade-resistant than conventional swimwear.

cut out - Monogram Graphic Splice Aquashort

Monogram Graphic Splice Aquashort

A kit bag essential, Speedo’s Monogram aquashorts have been designed using our super-durable Endurance®+ fabric technology, making them ideal for regular fitness training and fitness sessions. Sleek, comfortable and well-fitting, they’re a great choice for swimmers who prefer more coverage than briefs.

cut out - Speedo Fit Body Positioning Pinnacle Kickback

Speedo Fit Body Positioning Kickback Swimsuit

Packed with technology to help you improve your swimming technique, our stylish, vibrant-coloured Kickback suit features lightweight internal compression panels that focus your attention on your core, helping you to swim more efficiently by encouraging you to maintain a better body position in the water.

This is a Men’s Health promotion brought to you by Speedo