Why swim training makes sense

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Whether you want to bulk up, tone up, or just get fit for summer, swimming is one of the best workouts out there. Here are seven reasons why.

1. Burn baby burn

Swimming beats running when it comes to calorie burn. Running at a 12-minute-mile pace for one hour burns 450-700 calories, while swimming at moderate pace for the same time burns up to 900 calories. That saving equals an extra beer or glass of merlot.

2. Rehab & recover

Immersing yourself in water makes your body feel lighter than it really is, which makes swimming the go-to exercise if you’re injured. Eliminating strain on injured muscles, swimming will rebuild, repair and maximise muscle recovery.

3. Mind matters

Had the day from hell? Sculpting swimmers’ shoulders isn’t the only reason to power up in the pool: the stats show swimming to be good for the mind too, so swap the gym for a swim to recharge.

4. Full body works

Building a healthy heart, lungs and muscles and honing stamina and flexibility to boot, swimming is the all-round workout. What other workout lets you train your shoulders and your glutes at the same time? Take to the pool and you’ll be training muscles you probably didn’t even know existed.

5. Perform & power up

The beauty of pool swimming is that the water resistance won’t change – and consistent conditions are exactly what you need to track performance week on week. Swim training is as tough as you make it: kit yourself up with pool buoys, fins and paddles to add resistance, build strength and maximise results.

6. Posture perfect

As an all-round workout training your core and upper body, swimming will help you develop good posture, beating the slouch that comes from sitting at a desk all day.

7. Mix up your training

For runners especially, swimming is the ultimate workout to slot into a training schedule. The beauty of swimming is that unlike running, it’s non-weight bearing exercise, which means it will give muscles and joints a well-earned rest without the strain that comes with pounding the pavements.