WH Challenger: Amy Hopkinson

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WH Challenger: Amy Hopkinson

It almost seems like an unfair advantage, being on staff at Women’s Health magazine. But a busy job with myriad commitments means that challenger Amy Hopkinson hasn’t had the time to add swimming to her list of fitness accolades. Join her as we leave her in the capable hands of Speedo swim coach Dan Bullock, who’ll be showing Amy just what improving your technique in the water can do for your body this summer.

What’s brought you to the Get Speedo Fit challenge?
Because of my job, I am quite an athletic person: I run, I do CrossFit, I train on the weekends. But swimming hasn’t factored in until this point. It feels like the next natural step for me. Plus I want to understand what swimming can do for your fitness.

What’s your previous relationship to swimming been like?
As a child, I had two bad experiences in water. Once, I was trapped under a boat and nearly drowned. So it’s safe to say I’ve not thrown myself into swimming.

What do you hope to get out of this experience?
I’m really hoping that I get to the point that when I wake up on the weekend and head to the pool, I don’t feel panicked. Then pulling on my costume and heading the water will come naturally. Plus I want to nail a good distance with front-crawl.

What will be the biggest challenge you’ll have to overcome?
Having the time to prepare the right food. It’s easy to over train without fuelling yourself properly. So fitting everything in is going to be tough over the next six weeks. Especially for people holding down a full-time job and everything else surrounding it.

Are you looking forward to working with Speedo?
Definitely. Speedo’s kit feels great and looks the part. I’m really looking forward to getting it on and giving it a try. When I think of Speedo, I think of winning. Which is what I like to do.

What’s one thing everyone should know about you?
I’m very good at doing the crab.

If you want to follow Amy, or train along with her plan, keep an eye on #GetSpeedoFit hub