MH Challenger: Alex Hemsley

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MH Challenger: Alex Hemsley

Don’t let the broad shoulders fool you; tech recruitment director Alex Hemsley doesn’t take to every sport with ease. Recently challenged by friends to undertake a triathlon, this ex-rugby player is daunted by the water, and hopes to improve his chances using the expert guidance of Speedo swim coach Dan Bullock. Over the next six weeks, he will leave weights behind and take to the pool.

What’s brought you to the Get Speedo Fit challenge?
A friend of mine challenged me to a triathlon. I’m a heavy guy and I sink, so being triathlon fit doesn’t come naturally. Improving my swimming fast became high on my agenda. This is the perfect challenge for me.

What’s your previous relationship to swimming been like?
I’ve tried, at times. But I find the lack of quick progress frustrating, so it’s been a case of, swim for two weeks, then give up.

What do you hope to get out of this experience?
The strength side of things comes naturally to me, but aerobic fitness not so much. I hope to improve my lung power to ensure I can make my triathlon distance in good time. Plus I’m carrying an old neck injury, which I want to improve.

What will be the biggest challenge you’ll have to overcome?
It’s definitely finding the time to fit the sessions in. My diary is going to have to be moved around a little, but I’m hoping to either start earlier or fit training in later in the day.

Are you looking forward to working with Speedo?
I’m pretty excited. Since the Olympics, swimming has been more in mind than before, and when you think of the best swimmers, those competing at elite level, you automatically think of Speedo. I’m looking forward to sampling that.

What’s one thing everyone should know about you?
I can’t swim. I’m kidding, I can (though not brilliantly). People should know I’m pretty determined and in no small way competitive. This might not be a competition in the truest sense. But I’m going to win, all the same.

If you want to follow Alex, or train along with his plan, keep an eye on #GetSpeedoFit hub