Elle Linton: Progress Report #6

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I’m feeling pretty good. Last week was a great week for me, in terms of personal confidence and technique mastery. Sometimes it’s tough to find the motivation to stick something like this out, to keep pushing when all it feels like is exertion and plateau after plateau; now, however, I can truly take stock of what I’ve achieved over the weeks. Seeing and appreciating your own progress is a great motivator. Now I can’t wait to push on.

In a recent session with Speedo swim coach Dan Bullock, I watched a video back of myself swimming. It’s bizarre, but really helps you to pinpoint areas of your technique that are letting you down; those little tweaks you make to your stroke yield massive results, so I’m concentrating on fixing the minutia picked up by Dan and his team. Now, even when I hit the pool by myself (to remind you that’s something I never would have done before) I’m noticing big differences and more comfortable swims. It’s proof of my progress, which is why I’m feeling so good.