Elle: Progress Report #2

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When I went to the pool on Tuesday, it felt like I had taken a few steps backwards – nothing was going right, and I had a crisis of confidence. I think I was just freaking out about the upcoming triathlon. That weekend. I needed help; and help came. My lesson with the Speedo coaches turned things around. I figured out where I was going wrong: breathing too late, which messed up the whole rhythm of the stroke. Once I fixed that, everything seemed to fall into place. It became effortless, which goes to show just how important the smallest of technique changes can be.

Then I woke up sick on Friday, just 48 hours before my triathlon! I think this was due to nutrition – I didn’t eat enough on Thursday and we all know how hungry swimming makes you. This put my immune system under stress and I picked up a virus. After an entire Saturday spent drinking water and eating good food, I felt well enough to take part.

The swim part of the triathlon was so overwhelming. I was literally swimming against the tide, but perseverance got me through it. And the technique lessons helped me stay calm, which is a huge development from where I’m standing.