David Shephard: Progress Report #7

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It’s laughable, really: despite spending less time on dry land, my PBs on the bike and in my running shoes are getting better and better due to the cardio and lung boosts I’m getting from pool sessions. I’m so addicted to swimming now that I’m waiting for the day my body adapts and I develop webbed fingers and toes (the Speedo Biofuse range will have to do that job for now!). It’s unusual to me, for so much of my training to be dedicated to this one pursuit. But it’s exciting too.

The Speedo coaches are pretty happy with where my technique is at, so we’re now focusing on finer movements in the water and fine-tuning the minutia such as my hand placement and breath timing. These little changes are paying off: the last cyclocross race I did was a doddle (I mean, in relative terms) and I finished faster than ever. The improvement in my overall physical endurance since undertaking this challenge is profound. Because of this, I’m chasing water pursuits wherever I go. The extra swimming power paid dividends during a recent surfing trip and I stayed out for ages. Plus side: it’s great fun. Downside: the Atlantic is freezing!