David Shephard: Progress Report #4

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I’m a wide swimmer. That’s according to the Speedo swim coaches who’ve been monitoring my form over the last few weeks. Quite common, they tell me; and it’s nothing to worry about, either – open water swimmers have wide wingspans and it doesn’t affect their times. That said, I’ve been focusing on streamlining my stroke, which has helped keep my body in the straight position required for the times I want.

Physique wise, I’ve been using the Speedo Biofuse Fins to add a bit of strength in my lower body. I’ve had chicken legs all my life, and have been worried that this might be holding me back. The fins are amazing and are really making a difference to the muscular endurance in my quads and hamstrings. Fingers crossed this will translate to better times when it counts. Like during my showdown with Alex Hemsley on the final day of the challenge. Things are getting competitive!