Alex: Progress Report #1

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It’s been a good start: as far as the training has been going, I’ve notched up six good pool sessions, along with some additional cardio to support my development. It certainly hasn’t been plain sailing, though (aches and pains abound!) but I’m really starting to get into it.

I have followed rigorous pool sessions using the exercises given to me by Speedo swim coach Dan Bullock’s team, along with my warm up swims. Focusing on technique rather than distance or speed has been the first big wake up call – calming things down has actually sped things up, which can be hard to get your head around. Though I have been finishing all my swims with a 50m x 15 sprint with 10 seconds rest, which is a killer, believe me.

The biggest challenges have been fixing the small errors when I haven’t been with the coach. It takes a lot of thought to self check each body part, so I have been focusing on individual parts on each swim and really looking to nail those rather than try to concentrate on everything at once. Small steps, big results, as they say.